Calling all speakers, creative pros, authors, coaches, and digital business owners ready to finish 2018 with a bang.

Let me help you grow your business – all I need is 1 hour of your day every day, for the next 3 weeks, and I’ll help you build up your brand, tribe, and cash flow big-time for FREE.

It’s time to set yourself up for unstoppable success in 2019.

Build a Brand that Rules Them All in 3 weeks

The Weekly Challenge Lineup

(Reminder: Achieving the RESULTS you crave takes strategy,
stamina, consistency and most importantly, the right mindset.)

Weekly Challenge 3: Offer Clarity


Monday, December 17th – Friday, December 21st

The goal of this week is to identify exactly what real results your clients will have after working with you and how to position it to be more delicious for your ideal client.
(Insider secret: people choose to buy because of what you can deliver at the end of the process) We’re ending Momentum’19 strong by helping you design the offer that will increase your revenue and even lead to high ticket sales.

You Ready? 

Come blow this year – and next year – out of the water with us in

The world is waiting for what you’ve got to give.

Close the year strong with ca$h, clarity, and create a powerful, profitable, and purposeful way to move your business into 2019 with momentum.

Founder of the
Momentum Pro Accelerator

Hey, I’m Jen Kem and I am here to help entrepreneurial leaders who want to grow their business into a brand that creates real impact, influence and income.

If you don’t want to close this year with momentum to blast off into 2019 – this isn’t for you. But if you are, then the remaining 7 days of this challenge, with daily action prompts and live mentoring from me and special guests, is exactly where you want to be.

This entire week will be about getting crystal clear on your offer so you can communicate the exact results your prospective clients will receive when they choose to invest with you. This understanding of your offer is critical to your pricing structure and enrolling people into understanding exactly how you’ll serve them. My crew of Momentum Pro Mentors and I are here to show you how it’s done to get you seen, heard and paid, faster.

(And if you’re not? It’s okay – just don’t opt-in).

In less than 1 hour a day, we’ll go over every aspect of creating a badass brand that is profitable & popular.

The goal?

To help you build up massive momentum to finish 2018 strong, and start 2019 with crystal-clear clarity and confidence by giving your business simple yet powerful results.


Monday, December 17th – Friday, December 21st


On my Facebook business page. Nothing complicated, no new webinar software, or platforms – just join me on social!

Tune in from home, your favorite cafe, or anywhere else when we go live (or watch the replays!).


You + Me + the Momentum Pro Mentors + over two thousand like-minded business owners who are committed to taking their brands impact, influence and income to the next level.


$0. Zip. Nada. It is 100% FREE.
Just 1 Hour of Your Time Daily

Here’s How it Works


We start Week 3 on December 17th and build momentum all the way until December 21.


Every day of the challenge you’ll be sent an email containing a result driven action prompt to help you achieve the one thing each weekly challenge promises.


I’ll also be doing a daily Facebook Live mentoring session on my business page (@JenniferKemComm). There will be a guest Momentum Pro Mentor and a unique challenge, called the Daily Slay, to give you the context and clarity that comes with building a brand.

Self Care

In between weeks we take a break because self-care and rest is just as important as taking action.

Note: I call this whole process the 7 Day Slay System – it’s the foundation of how the team and I get so much done in my 3, 7-figure companies (and soon-to-be fourth), because blending life and business in simple, daily practices is what leads to real results.


As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to chat with any of my Momentum Pro Mentors during the challenge.

We are committed to helping entrepreneurs identify what’s now and what’s next for their business to grow and create real impact, influence and income.


Real Results from Past Challenge Participants

You might be wondering…
why am I doing all of this for free?

I believe that there are many value centered entrepreneurs who are on the cusp of breaking through and need just a bit of strategic guidance from someone who has already built 3, 7-figure businesses. Sound like you?

Plus it’s the holiday season, and gifts are my love language – so this is my gift to you.

This is the strategic direction you’ve been looking for!